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About Me

Hi! My name is Jeff and woodworking has been my hobby since I was in middle school. I bought my first wood working machine when I was 12. A career in tool making has led me to transition to woodworking full time. Tool making requires a precision that I bring to woodworking. I want to offer you high quality products that are made to last.

What kind of woodworking do I do? Basically anything! I have refinished furniture, designed baskets that can be customized to any size, and built cabinets. I am making outside furniture, planter boxes, and two-wheeled garden carts. I love to turn bowls and make fretwork Christmas ornaments.

Other things I would love to make? Memory boxes, picture frames, trophy and doll cases. holders for your iPad or Kindle, bookmarks (yes, bookmarks!), bookcases, small bedside tables, lazy susans, cutting boards, ulu knives, and bow-style bread knives.

Have I left anything out? Yes! I'm certain I have, but if you have an idea or a problem you'd like to discuss, call me or email me. Let me help you build your dream piece of furniture, a new family heirloom, or display case for your autographed guitar. I love a challenge.

Please check out the gallery page and store link. I look forward to working with you and bringing your woodworking dreams to life.

About Me : Inner_about
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