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Doing My Part

Whenever possible, I strive for my work to have minimal impact on the environment. All food service products are made with food safe finishes and all products are made with the safest finishes practical. Lower chemicals are better for you, and in turn, better for the earth.

I love to use reclaimed wood. Cutting down a tree does not mean it can no longer be useful. It just needs to be re-imagined.

I have recently discovered that ash trees cut down because of Emerald Ash Borer damage are being milled into boards and sold as lumber through Habitat Restore. Ash is harder that oak. It is often used to make baseball bats, but has endless possibilities. The destruction can't be undone, but salvaging the lumber allows me to create something new.

Trees in your yard can also be reclaimed. Have an apple tree you loved but had to cut down? Let me make it into a table you can proudly display in your home and pass on for generations to come.

On a side note, whenever possible, we used recycled packing material. If we use packing peanuts, they came in something we ordered. We also reuse packing paper whenever possible.

Making a full-time passion out of a life-long hobby. Specializing in antique furniture restoration, furniture repair, custom made wooden furniture, and handmade wooden toys. American made quality and craftsmanship.

Doing My Part: Inner_about
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