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Toys that I manufacture conform to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  I adhere to CPSC’s toy safety standard ASTM F 963-11, The Standard Consumer Safety Specification for toy safety.


I label all toys for proper age groups and label toys with the company name as per ASTM F 963-11. When necessary, proper instructions are included with the toy.


I manufacture toys that do not have any removable parts less than 1 and ¼ inch in diameter as per ASTM F 963-11 Section 4.6. Additionally, toys do not have any sharp edges or corners.

I do not make toys for infants/children ages 5 and under. All toys should be used only with adult supervision.

I only use non-toxic water based paints/stains. Any adhesives I use conform to ANSI/HPVA Type I Specification, and be FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Toy Disclaimer

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