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Sometimes, we are asked to refinish old doors. The first door pictured here was really baked by the sun. We stripped and sanded it, but the sun damage was pretty extensive. We stained it a little darker shade to make the damage less noticeable. We also shined up the hardware. The homeowner was really surprised how shiny the brass was! The storm door for the house had been repaired previously and was really beyond repairing again. So, we got to build a new one! 

It seems our projects sometimes come in twos. We also got to refinish another set of doors. The weather and sun are hard on wood, but with a little maintenance, the wood can stay beautiful for years to come. When it's a little warmer out, we'll post pictures of the finished and installed doors.

damage 2
dirt and damage
boathouse door
finished door
back door
back door damage
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